Marketing Technique #1: Indirect vs. Direct Marketing

Indirect vs. Direct Marketing


There are two types of marketing methods used today: indirect and direct.


Indirect Marketing:  This type of marketing you have been using ever since you started communicating through the world wide web.  Examples of this type of marketing are email, billboards, commercials, advertisements, ads, etc.  These methods span to a larger group of people.  While this can be effective to a point, you need to couple this with Direct Marketing.

Direct Marketing:  This type of marketing is more along the lines of one-one-one interactions, meetings, and discussions with one person.  This is more effective because you can hone your skills and techniques to that specific person.

For an example of how to use both of these techniques I will illustrate the following example:

John has an online business.  He has been an entrepreneur for about a year.  John frequently uses emails, commericals, and videos to promote his product.  After he gets a lead, he follows up with a targeted email (indirect/direct marketing) and then proceeds to give that prospect his number (direct marketing).  A couple of days later he recieves a phone call from his prospect telling him that he/she is interested in John’s product.

This illustrates how you can use indirect and direct marketing to successfully communicate to your prospects and team members.